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Cellular Transformation

Working with Spirit to Heal and Awaken our Most Authentic Self


Cellular Transformation is a psycho-spiritual healing modality that works with transformational energies to dissolve the energetic blueprints causing pain and limitation in our body, mind and life.

Seminar Description

From the minute you enter the sacred space of a "Cellular Transformation" workshop, surges of healing energies (or light) are filling your body and beginning the unraveling and purification process. The intelligence of this light (experienced as strong feelings of unconditional love) knows how to penetrate the mind of your cells. It goes after old wounds, fears, belief systems, and ancestral baggage stored within your cellular memory and expands them out into the open to be transformed.

As these old imprints release from your cells, you will feel body parts tightening then relaxing, changes in body temperature, layers of emotion surfacing and passing through, and explosions of tingles throughout your body as the original trauma patterns disperse at the cellular level. The outcome is less emotional and physical pain, a rekindling of purpose and passion, feeling lighter throughout your body and life, more clarity and focus, and a deeper sensation of connection and love toward self and others.

"Cellular Transformation" is deeply loving, powerful, and life-changing. Jennifer is exceptionally intuitive and does not skim the surface of 'personal development' but instead goes straight to the heart of the issue, connecting us to an innate intelligence that sources and transforms our trauma at the cellular level. Simply put, it is like doing therapy with your higher self.


Lamhita Szarafinski
Tel. 0221-57407-24

Montag - Freitag
11:00 - 16:00 Uhr


Seminar language is English without translation.


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28.07.2022 - 31.07.2022
4 Tage
595,00 €