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Osho's Birthday Celebration

Abendmeditation mit Livemusik


Osho wurde am 11. Dezember 1931 im indischen Bundesstaat Madhya Pradesh geboren.
Wir möchten diesen Tag mit euch feiern.

"I was thinking what should I give to you today? Because this is my birthday, I was incarnated  into this body on this day. This is the day I saw for the first time the green of the trees and the blue of the skies. This was the day I for the first time opened my eyes and saw God all around. Of course the word 'God' didn't exist at that moment, but what I saw was God. I was thinking what should I give to you today? Then I remembered a saying of Buddha: SABBA DANAM DHAMMA  DANANA JNATI – the gift of truth excels all other gifts. And my truth is love. The word 'truth'  looks to me a little too dry and desert-like. I am not in much tune with the word 'truth' – it looks  too logical, it looks too 'heady'. It gives you the feeling of philosophy, not of religion. It gives you the idea as if you have concluded – that you have come to a conclusion, that there has been a syllogism behind it, argumentation and logic and reasoning. No, 'truth' is not my word, 'love' is my word. Love is of the heart. Truth is partial, only your head is involved. In love you are  involved as a totality – your body, your mind, your soul, all are involved. Love makes you a unity – and not a union, remember, but a unity."   Osho


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