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Walking the Path

Walking the Path

12. - 15. Oktober 2017

In Walking the Path, you will become aware of how you sabotage and compromise your deepest truths, values and needs. Through the power of honest inquiry and exposure, and the strong challenge and support of the group, you will make a significant shift into self-esteem, respect and dignity. Step-by-step, you will learn how to meet the challenges of your life in a more conscious and embodied way.

Walking the Path is a powerful four-day process where you will make surprising new turns into the unknown, bringing you to that edge where you are most vibrantly alive and ready to step forward in a fresh and new way.

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Walking the Path is in English without translation.

Walking the Path

Themen und Termine

Walking the Path

Beginn am ersten Tag um 10:00 Uhr
€ 595,00
€ 150,00

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Dieses Seminar ist in englischer Sprache.